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The press buzz is building over the news of PearlyDreams!     

We were mentioned in the The New York Times Magazine!

The Jewish Voice

Read this profile of Dr. Z and the story of his passionate pursuit of the perfect formula for the world’s first sleep-enhancing toothpaste.
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reports, “lack of sleep has serious outcomes both mentally and physically with effects including weight gain, premature aging, depression, heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke.”
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quotes: “With the same benefits as the leading national brands, brushing with wintergreen-flavored PearlyDreams yields cleaner, healthier teeth with an added bonus- a better night’s sleep.” ...definitely has my curiosity piqued.
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likes the first all-natural sleep inducing toothpaste...
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“Unlike sleeping pills, PearlyDreams uses only the best-known organic active ingredients. With over five years in development, Dr. Z was inspired to create PearlyDreams as a natural solution to chronic sleeplessness.”
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quotes Dr. Z: "My goal was to produce an effective and natural toothpaste that could reduce stress and enhance sleep without any dangerous side effects," says the prominent dentist. "I aimed to find the perfect balance of natural supplements known to relax, calm and help the body to sleep."
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says PearlyDreams is a patented, innovative new toothpaste specifically created to naturally aid sleep. Formulated with Melatonin and organic extracts of Valerian, Balm Mint and Passion Flower, PearlyDreams uses only the highest-quality natural ingredients to ease stress and enhance sleep.”
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Clip of with founder recommending "Pearly Dreams" as a sleep accessory.
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says "Some suggestions to help you sleep better: Brush with melatonin-laced Pearly Dreams toothpaste to ease your body into a peaceful slumber"
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Says, "I've been brushing my teeth with Pearly Dreams for the last several nights and somehow, this really does work! I don't lay in bed, trying to count sheep so I can fall asleep and get my beauty rest. I brush (and floss) and drift off into never never land. I don't really need to know exactly how it works, I only need to know that it does. The flavor is good, not minty or strong, but a really nice, pleasant sort of herbal taste that leaves my mouth feeling clean and my mind ready for sleep."
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quotes from the press release. The Organic Beauty Editor sleeps like a stone so her husband writes the review.
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reports "Sleep deprivation has increasingly become one of the most common health concerns among Americans. According to the National Sleep Foundations’ 2008 Sleep in America Poll, 65% of adults report trouble sleeping at least one night during the week. This continual lack of sleep has serious outcomes both mentally and physically with effects including weight gain, premature aging, depression, heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke."
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reports "Apparently melatonin is effective as a sleep aid in small doses, according to an MIT study, and the toothpaste also contains valerian, a herb that’s often used as a natural sleep-aid."
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The Organic Beauty editor quotes from the press release, "PearlyDreams is a revolutionary, patented new toothpaste specially created to aid and enhance sleep."
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Read our Testimonials - trusted by Doctors, Athletes - and Rockstars!

Yesterday, I received my PearlyDreams Toothpaste and tried it last night...and I loved it. It made me relax into a nice state of sleep. And I loved the flavor, too.

Now, you must understand I am a TERRIBLE are my sister and Mom. Over the last 4 years, I hated bedtime because it meant a tortuous night of hours of trying to fall asleep... or trying to stay asleep for more than the one hour at a time my body was giving me. Of course my doctor prescribed Ambien for a while but the side effects were far too crazy.

While still sleeping, I was getting up in the middle of the night and cooking...I am not a cook and that activity is not "Top of Mind" with me. Nor do I want to eat extra meals at any time of the day or the night cooking/food thing was really incongruous, upsetting and very off putting.

So, for me that was the end of the pills...and I was left to my own "tricks" as a solution to my problem.

Then along came PearlyDreams... A perfect sleep relief solution to my sleepong problem. I will recommend it happily to my family and all my friends, as well.
Thank you,


“This is amazing! The combination of the melatonin and the organic herbs make me relax and sleep. And I love that it’s not another pill…I just brush my teeth and go to sleep, like you said! Thank you!”
AC, New York, NY


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