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I am the mother of two very busy boys and have trouble every night winding down and falling asleep. My body is tired but my mind won’t shut off. I have tried various over the counter sleep aids and they don’t work. In fact they do the opposite with me and make my heart race. I needed help with sleeping! Your sleep inducing toothpaste was a g-d send. The first night that I brushed, I was skeptical, having tried so many different things. Within 10 minutes, I started to feel sleepy, the next thing I knew. It was morning.

Thank you for such a great natural sleep relief product and especially the fact that it’s all organic really gives me the peace of mind I need to use it often.
A+ product,
PK, Rochester, NY

I’m a Tri-athlete and Ironman. I work hard, train hard and yes, I HAVE to sleep hard.

I have tried over the counter sleeping aids and have really not wanted to go the prescription route. When I was presented with your sleep relief product, I was thrilled. Being in a health conscious field (I am also a gym teacher and coach) I love the fact that your toothpaste is all natural.

That sold me. The first night I tried it, I had a wonderful night’s sleep and woke up at 5am ready for my run. Thank you Dr Z.
A customer forever,

JH, Macedon, NY

You would think that as a single mother with 4 children, working 3 jobs and raising a new puppy, I would fall asleep the instant my head hit the pillow. Unfortunately, just the opposite was true – I needed help with sleep. I would lay awake for hours, worrying about finances, my teenage daughters, my extensive to do list for the next day... So, when Dr. Zuckerman asked me to try his new toothpaste, I couldn't get it fast enough. Sleeping pills were not in my budget, but toothpaste sure was! And I loved the fact that there were no drugs involved, just all natural, non addictive ingredients. The first night I tried it, I fell asleep quickly and woke up refreshed, energized and ready to go! I would recommend this toothpaste to anyone who needs a little help unwinding at the end of the day.
It works like a dream!!

LJ, Canandaigua, NY

I’m a wife, mother and a full time student and to say my life is busy would be an understatement. My eight hours of sleep is essential to my success. Before trying Dr. Z’s Sleep enchancing toothpaste, I thought I was getting a good night sleep but would awake feeling groggy and not wanting to get up. The morning after trying the toothpaste for the first time, I woke up feeling rested. I actually never realized that I needed help with sleeping and I wasn’t getting a GOOD night sleep until I experienced what that felt like.
Thank you Dr. Z for a wonderful product that I didn’t know I needed.

DB, Orange County, CA

Working long and stressful hours in the Financial District, it's very important that I am well rested and can think clearly. After many years on the popular prescription sleeping pills, a friend of mine gave me your product. I have to admit, I was very skeptical but promised to try it.
Dr Z, your a genius!
Not only did I have a great night sleep but I woke up refreshed and ready for my day. All naturally (my favorite part).
Thank you for my new night time partner.

AZ, San Fran, CA

I'm a single women living in New York City, and with the stress of everyday life, with what is going on in this economy! GBY DR. Z Technologies, I've never slept better.
Thanks to you and PearlyDreams!


Yesterday, I received my PearlyDreams Toothpaste and tried it last night...and I loved it. It made me relax into a nice state of sleep. And I loved the flavor, too.

Now, you must understand I am a TERRIBLE sleeper...as are my sister and Mom. Over the last 4 years, I hated bedtime because it meant a tortuous night of hours of trying to fall asleep... or trying to stay asleep for more than the one hour at a time my body was giving me. Of course my doctor prescribed Ambien for a while but the side effects were far too crazy.

While still sleeping, I was getting up in the middle of the night and cooking...I am not a cook and that activity is not "Top of Mind" with me. Nor do I want to eat extra meals at any time of the day or night...so the night cooking/food thing was really incongruous, upsetting and very off putting.

So, for me that was the end of the pills...and I was left to my own "tricks" as a solution to my problem.

Then along came PearlyDreams... A perfect sleep relief solution to my sleepong problem. I will recommend it happily to my family and all my friends, as well.
Thank you,


"Pearly Dreams" truly works! You are an amazing individual that has realized the needs of so many lives and provided a remarkable solution.

"Pearly Dreams" is a Dream Come True...

I have been very inspired and impressed with the results I have had with "Pearly Dreams" and the product’s advertisement does hold true! I have been sleeping without interruptions through the night for the first time in seven months! I am in awe, elated and convinced! I truly believe that this remarkable product will also change other people’s lives forever.

"Pearly Dreams" Can Make Your Dreams Come True...

People that can not sleep night after night experience a very difficult existence. The lack of sleep has been deteriorating my health, my energy, and my appearance causing deep, deep dark circles, a very unappealing and exhausted look—it has aged me! I needed help with sleep and a change. I wholeheartedly believe in this product and my life has transformed with a very simple solution in just a short period of time. I am amazed that I am actually sleeping! What I love about the product is that it is safe, natural and organic.

Truly, it's a blessing that can help people who are severely in need of a remedy! And it is contained in a toothpaste! Unbelievable! But Pearly Dreams is something I certainly believe in!

Thank you!
ML, Red Bank, NJ

“This is amazing! The combination of the melatonin and the organic herbs make me relax and sleep. And I love that it’s not another pill…I just brush my teeth and go to sleep, like you said! Thank you!”
AC, New York, NY

"Pearly Dreams is a revolutionary natural sleep product because it combines the best "natural" sleep aids into your daily routine, thus making it the easiest product to use. I have recommended it to all of my clients who suffer from sleeping disorders & are seeking natural sleep relief."

"I recommend Pearly Dreams to my patients who travel from coast to coast to help them recover from jet lag. Its natural and safe to use."

Dr. Steven Margolin
Founder of Longevity Health in NYC.


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